Shamim Bibi

Shamim Bibi

Shamim Bibi is a resident of Chah Kalarwala, Kot Addu, and a classic example of perseverance and determination. She is the proud owner of two micro-enterprises, a general store and a hotel that were financed through PMIFL scheme, and AGAHE Pakistan’s commercial microfinance program respectively. Through these business ventures, she has provided regular employment to four households in the community, as well as securing her family’s future.


Hailing from a very poor family, her husband was employed as a laborer and had seven mouths to feed. There were days when there was little or no food on the table, and this was a very painful experience for Shamim Bibi as she had three young kids, who also could not attend school regularly due to limited means.


Determined to bring her family out of this quagmire and support her husband, she decided to set up a general store by taking a loan from AGAHE Pakistan under PMIFL scheme. Being the first general store at the very entrance of the community, within a short span of time, the number of visitors began to increase, along with her income and savings.


After successfully running the store for three years, Shamim Bibi graduated onto commercial microfinance and decided to set up a small hotel on a popular link road near the community. Her husband no longer had to work on daily wages and was now managing the affairs of the hotel. Given its location, the hotel serves commuters three times a day, and also provides home delivery services to nearby communities, which is unheard of in the rural areas.


Shamim Bibi continues to run the general store, while her husband manages the hotel, and their combined revenue is roughly Rs. 200,000 a month, with savings around Rs. 60,000 a month. Not only are all the kids going to school, they also have access to basic amenities of life. Looking ahead, she plans to expand the hotel to accommodate more people, while also adding cold beverages and ice cream for the summer.