Sanawar Bibi

Sanawar Bibi

Sanawar Bibi is running a flourishing business of earthen pots and decorative pottery from the confines of her home in Chak 91/WB Vehari. The business was set up with a commercial microfinance loan from AGAHE Pakistan, and has grown over time with regular clients from nearby villages and cities.

Married at a young age, Sanawar Bibi spent a great deal of time raising four children, while her husband made a living making earthen pots, an occupation that has been in the family for generations. As kids grew up, so did the demand for food and clothing. Her husband could only give a limited amount of time as he was alone, and also had to attend to other matters in the house. Unfortunately, due to limited financial means, none of the kids were able to attend school either. Sanawar tried to help by working part time in the fields, but it was irregular and didn’t pay very well. They were living hand to mouth for many years.

Sanawar Bibi was determined to improve the situation that they were in, and consulted with her husband about taking a loan to further expand the business. They already had the infrastructure in the house, all that was needed was more capital to purchase raw materials, hire people on daily wages, and increase outreach to bigger markets where profit margins are higher. After consultation, she applied for a loan through AGAHE Pakistan, and invested the funds to make two more pottery machines, and acquire materials for painting and decorative works.

As of late, the business has grown tremendously with outreach to popular markets such as Chichawatni, Faisalabad and Sahiwal, while employing five laborers on daily wages. Sanawar helps out as and when she can by decorating pots and pans.

Through this business, Sanawar Bibi has managed to provide all the basic needs for her family, and respectably managed to wed two of her daughters. She attributes her success to being patient and investing wisely.